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Schools Division

The Schools Division is your team to help you when you have a question, concern, or problem regarding your job. The Schools Division consists of the Director, Marva Lewis-Bradford, two assistant directors, Myrna Cabranes and Michele Menduina, grievance representatives and support staff to assist you. The Schools Division’s telephone number is 212.815.1050. 

Whether you have a question about your pay scale, vacation time, seniority rights, duties, even if you’re dealing with some personal issues, talk to your grievance representative. They are there to help you.  Your union rights protect you. Understanding and knowing your rights is key. Make sure that you educate yourself about the grievance process. Management is less likely to violate the rights of a member who knows their rights.

Please read the following short document to better understand the grievance process. 

Understanding the Grievance Process

Schools Division Staff Districts/Precincts & Telephone Numbers